Q: What is the cure for a tired 80ci Evo?


The real power is in the heads with the right combination of cam, carb, and exhaust system.  We can bore the cases to make a bigger motor out of it, and we can always stroke them, that’s the easy way to get more power.  We use quality S&S parts and can build any size engine you want.  You can end up with a good dependable 95ci or 98ci motor.  To use new and improved power, you will need a high performance ignition system, balanced to the other performance upgrades.

Q: Why does my Twin-Cam leak oil out of its air cleaner?


In a Twin-Cam you may notice blow-by at the breather, which leaves traces of oil down the side of your bike, usually staining the heat shields of your exhaust and dripping down the oil bag. The reason for this is, even with the standard petroleum based oil, the scavenger side of the oil pump is marginal for the motor. The oil pump cannot sump the oil out from the bottom end quickly enough which causes it to load up in the top end and flow out the breather. Your local shop can correct this by installing a Fueling Twin-Cam oiling pump.

Strokers USA

Strokers USA, Inc. has been in business since 1995 and the word is getting out. From scheduled maintenance on all models to full blown performance. Strokers USA, Inc. specializes in performance and has many performance packages to choose from.


Although Screaming Eagle air cleaner kits, performance exhaust and bolt in cams wake up your motorcycle the power is in the Heads. Carbureted or Fuel Injected along with head porting and the right combination of quality parts, you can increase horse power and torque by 20-35% or more depending on your package choice.