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Strokers USA Motorcycle Service, Repair and Accessories in Lander, WY
Strokers USA, Inc.
We have been in business since 1995 and the word is getting out. From scheduled maintenance on all models to full blown performance. Strokers USA, Inc. specializes in performance and has many performance packages to choose from. Although Screaming Eagle air cleaner kits, performance exhaust and bolt in cams wake up your motorcycle the power is in the Heads. Carbureted or Fuel Injected along with head porting and the right combination of quality parts you can increase horse power and torque by 20 to 35 % plus, depending on your package choice.

Jeff Martin – Owner

For me it started out in the Bay Area as a kid riding around in the back of Dads Rambler on the Freeways as the sound of Harley Davidson Motorcycles rumbled by, I knew was hooked on the sound and the sixties image.

When I was 12 we moved to Lake Tahoe CA and during the summer months Tahoe was a big attraction for bikers. From Bay Area day riders to bikers traveling thru, the "Y" was the fuel stop for the riders. I would pedal my bicycle to the "Y" and wait for them to ride in and fuel up. I would just mingle in and ask nerdy questions, the guys would answer and chuckle giving me the hand shake and there woman would pinch my cheeks, smile and pat me on the ass.To funny …

I started collecting Chopper Magazine and got a Levi jacket to sew my Harley Wing patch on. The Levi Jacket was pretty cool but got me in alot of fights at school … Unreal, So I quit School !! When I was seventeen I road my first Harley Davidson, a 1976 Sportster. Are you sh-t-n me, that was awesome and I knew I had to have one.

At the age of 19 I moved out to Wyoming with $300.00 and No Car on a business venture that was taken away, "Magic Valley Truss Co" in Rock Springs. My first lesson in, put it in writing! 

After several carpenter jobs and running lost Hwys from Wyoming to Nevada I ended up in the oil field. More lost hwys chasing rigs from Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota. Saving up for a new Harley for my birthday, at the age of 21 I rolled my pick up late one night showing off for some girls …. This sucked so I bought the Harley to make myself feel better, a Red 1981 Wide Glide.

With a Rolled pick up truck I installed a used white cab with brown doors, loaded my Harley and headed for Alaska to live the American Dream .. Working part time in a junk yard, part on a crab boat, and landing a job on a salmon boat having the experience of my life I realized one road in and one road out wasn't workin for me and my bike. Soo I borrowed money to get my ass back to what I knew " Drilling on a Big Rig " and running Wyomings Hwy's.

Remembering the sixties look I could not leave my bike alone. Always modifying, from the S&S carb to the loud pipes, ape hangers, shot gun barrel sissy bars, flame paint jobs and on and on… I had to ginny pig all the wierd stuff that didn't work. If someone thought it I bolted it on, And alot of times it left me on the side of the road. "Thanks for that assholes"! I entered my bike in it's first bike show and when I took first place over the other two bikes I knew I was on to something. Out of my garage I put together a true pan/shovel and took first place in Early Custom Class @ the Casper WY Motorcycle Show and Swap. Buying / Selling and trading parts resulted in a small business in my garage after work hours. Raising my infant daughter ( I even taught her to lift the seat ) working full time and working with the bikes wasn't easy but it was exactly where I wanted to be. With more bike shows and swap meets I finally open Strokers USA, Inc. in Riverton Wyoming … After several years I took the chance and moved Strokers USA to Lander Wyoming and our customer base doubled. And with that move came Jarvis Even and Jeff Bates … I have worked around alot of wrench's over the years and Jarvis and Jeff bring a work ethic and professionalism I have been waitng for… And not to mention we are having a great time.

To Be Continued !

Jarvis Even – Viking
Jarvis. What else is there to say… This guy is a bad ass!

Jeff Bates – Doctor of Internal Combustion
Jeff Bates
This is the story of how I came to be, Jeff Bates, the world famous Doctor of Internal Combustion.

  The story starts off like many other life stories, in a small farming village nestled in the foot hills of the Big Horn Mountains the year was 1972. I was born into a hippie way of life with little emphasis on mechanical or automated devices, so it is by pure act of God that I was able to become the technical power house that I am today.

My need to improve the mechanical abilities of the automated devices around me started young and continues today. After high school I continued my education in the oilfield and realized this was no place for me. I signed up for the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Phoenix AZ. While learning all there was to know about all things Harley Davidson I was also able to learn the meaning of “dry heat”. 

After graduating at the top of my class in MMI I was off on the next adventure, which had my family and I moving to Montana. In Billings I worked as a service technician for Beartooth Harley Davidson. The “itch” for performance began here, the shop had an old and outdated dynamometer and Harley had just released the first tunable power adder, the race tuner. Feeling the need to spread our wings and fly, our family decided to head back to the heat.

Las Vegas Nevada was the next place we called home. Working at the “world’s largest Harley Davidson dealership” was where I began to truly shine. I specialized in performance engine work, service procedures, and custom one off bagger builds.  With some state of the art technology and superior mentorship I was able to hone my dynotuning skills to perfection. Noticing my superior work ethic and leadership skills I was transferred to Red Rock Harley Davidson, also in Las Vegas, to lead the service department as the head technician. While at Red Rock H-D I was able to achieve the highest level of service recognition as a Master of Technology, also improving the overall status of the dealership to Platinum bar and shield (the highest level of dealership recognition in the world). 

In the past 14 years I had accumulated 2,000 dynotunes on 200 different models foreign and domestic with an infinite number of engine and exhaust combinations, 11 land speed world records, crew chief of the world’s fastest Harley Davidson at Bonneville salt flats, and having six of my custom built baggers in three different major publications, (Iron horse, Urban bagger, and American bagger.) I realized it was time to focus on my family which had us moving back to Wyoming where I found a new home at Strokers USA.

Here at Strokers USA we are equipped to perform any and all service work, performance engine and suspension work, and complete one off bike builds. From mild to wild we can do it all even the “extreme thing” !!!!