Cylinder Boring and Honing for your V-Twin

If your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle has a lot of miles on it or isn’t running as strong as it should, there may be a need to "freshen up" the top end.  Worn cylinders that are out of round, tapered, or both need to be adressed.  Compression passing by the rings can cause more problems than just loss of power.  How about burning a little oil?  What about a little more top end noise due to your piston moving in ways that create the wrong kind of attention?  Fact is, when your piston-to-cylinder clearances are spot on and your rings are doing their job making a nice seal, you get good motor music and healthy burn.    

All of the cylinder work is done in house at Strokers USA.  We take pride in doing the job right the first time.  Micrometers and Dial Bore Gauges, ahh how life is so sweet!

How to change your oil

An oil change sounds really simple but doing it correctly will make a huge difference in the life of your motorcycle engine.  Here are a few tips to remember.