Champion Trikes

Count on Strokers USA in Lander, Wyoming for
your Champion Trike Conversion
Champion trike kits are proof that American workers are still the best at building accessories for a motorcycle born out of American dreams and dedication to quality. Regardless of whether your interest is in cross-country touring, continuing a lifestyle or maintaining long friendships at the local coffee shop, we're confident a Champion trike will be a good fit for you. Our trike kits are built to the highest standards by craftsmen dedicated to producing a product that will out-perform, out-ride and out-shine all competitors. With performance features like disc brakes, our "Zero-Flex" swing arm and our custom-designed mounting hardware featuring the fastest and cleanest installation available of any trike company, this beauty is certain to keep your dreams alive!

Frankenstein Trikes

Count on Strokers USA in Lander, Wyoming for
your Frankenstien Trike Conversion

Frankenstein Trikes is committed to offering Trike rear-ends and Trike Conversion Kits with the highest quality, low maintenance and that are easy to install. We use American made components whenever possible. Our mission is to ensure quality driven design manufacturing & production.

Our product specialist can assist you in purchasing the exact Trike Conversion Kit you need. Extensive customer support is also available during the installation process. Once you purchase a Frankenstein Trike kit you are a member for life, we welcome feedback and suggestions throughout your ownership.

Frankenstein Trikes Trike Conversion Kits are complete down to the last nut and bolt. Save money by combining upgrades with our straight forward package pricing. Choose your bike above to see the savings.

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